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Veronica Maggio Visits Me!

Veronica Maggio have written a song prior to her visit in my radioshow it’s called “Jag kommer” how sweet is that!

I will have the extreme honour in welcoming a true heartbreaker to my Radio 100 radioshow thursday the 30th of january at 15’o’clock. The utterly charming personality of Veronica Maggio will stop by because of her sold out concert at VEGA in Copenhagen. My collegue at Radio 100 Karsten Baun told me that his absolute highlight of 2013 was when he met Veronica to an interview, and I think it is fair to say that Karsten ever since have an ongoing crush on the swedish angel. I have never meet her before but I must say that just by looking at this picture of her makes me a little bit nervous as well – she really does look like an angel and I have always had a sore spot for swedish girls especially the sound of their language. Did I mention that I will play “Lips or Cheek” with Veronica? Do NOT miss my blog tomorrow.

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