Mission Accomplished: I Kissed Joel Lambert

Fashionblog Awards 2014

Me and Anne-Mette arriving at the Fashionblog Awards 2014

Well I must be totally honest and say that me and my blog-partner-in-crime Anne-Mette came a little late to the award show because we were at a nearby winebar were the time kindda flew by. Anyway, when we arrived, the show had already startet and we saw the host Emil Thorup doing af great job presenting the nominees and winners. The crowd was a little.. how can I put it.. calm or not loud – let’s put it that way and the show seemed to fly by faster than a speeding bullet.
Al of a sudden Christopher came out to present an award and give a preformance – which he did really good! I think I got to or three (perhaps four) beers when the show came to an end. Everybody rushed out of the very beautiful old Børsen and I felt like I just came so I walked around and took some photos and talked with some of all the nice people around the stands.
Anne-Mette having fun
Noboby have the time to watch the show as everybody was mobile-blogging
The technical crew (hipsters)
Best part of the show the Mokai stand
Anne-Mette and Elisa Lykke (same jacket designer expensive vs. very expensive)
Anne-Mette with Johnny Depp
Overall I survided attending a fashion event and my masculinity is still the same.. I think! My bad-ass t-shirt was the bomb even though most of the people did not care about my awesome outfit. I think that it is a part of attending a fashion event – that you do not give a fcuk about anyone except me, myself and I. Remember to check out my blog tomorrow where Veronica Maggio will be my guest on the radioshow – and yes – we will play the kiss trap game “Kys eller Møs” / “Lips or Cheek”.

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Mission Accomplished: I Kissed Joel Lambert