No Food Picture?


Today has been a very awesome day. Even though the weather was extremely windy and very cold here in Copenhagen this morning I always find it nice to put on my high neck sweater from swedish design label Army of Me. The team behind Radio 100 – were I have my radioshow – was put together to brain out how to become even better. As a team and to learn more about our listeners. For me listening to radio is much like reading a blog. So what makes listeners listen to the same product every day just like readers reading the same blog every day? I think the answer is honesty. You got to be honest about your radioshow and what you bring to the table just as in a blog you have to be honest about who you are. Otherwise you will come out short or even as a fake. So todays word for me in the world of radio AND bloggin is HONESTY.

Sort tøj. Lyst sind. Varmt hjerte.

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No Food Picture?