The Pro Angels

Today my partner in crime Anders Aagaard and me did the last episode of Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace. The mission was easy: pick up table at Katja’s house and drive it to the junk yard for destruction. We started with a visit at the drive-in bakery in Vallensbæk for a x-large latté a bun with cheese and butter PLUS a huge danish pastry called rosenbrød (with chocolate glace on top.) Then we drove to Katja’s house to pick up the table for destruction. Katja’s house was very nice and especially  the cellar stairs was unique with aluminium safety rails – wow! When we arrived at the junk yard we had to pick the right container for destruction. But...

Radio And Rice Pudding

Yesterday I picked up Liva after school and together we drove to Mileparken where I had to do my radio show. Liva was SO sweet getting me hot chocolate every time my cup was empty. I think she had a good time even though the last hour of the show becomes as Liva said:’s a little boring now dad”. Then we drove home and made rice pudding and everything became NOT so boring anymore.

A Car In A Van And A Cake In A Pan

Oh yes! Today my partner Anders Aagaard and me took off to help Sharon in beautiful Karise. The mission was to clean up her Fiat Grande Punto and make it ready to sell. Aaagard and I did an amazing job cleaning the car from A to Z. We also managed to fit the red Fiat Grande Punto INSIDE the Toyota Proace (unfortunately my camera was out of battery so we could not take any photos of our extreme effort.) Sharon made a chokolate banana cake that tasted absolutely wonderful. A day full of happines and sunshine and not to forget Fiona the sweet dog of Sharon and Claus. I am SO looking forward for the next assignment – you can...

The Drill Master

Second edition of the new the feature on my radio show called Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace aired today. I am very pleased and happy about todays result. My partner Anders Aagaard showed a side og him today I did not know he had the skills of a pure Jedi like Drill Master. I have NEVER in my life seen a handyman use TWO drills AT THE SAME TIME!!! Aagaard is pure genius and I must say that without him the shelves would not have been mounted with such precision and perfection.. obviously! Me being the professionel driver of the Toyota Proace is an easy and very comfortable task because the Proace is such a cozy and relaxed ride....

Chris Daughtry On My Show

What a day and what a show! The interview with Chris Daughtry was so awesome. I was actually a bit nervous but when Chris showed up completely down to earth everything just went fine from there. I was blown away by his acoustic version of Waiting For Superman and now I can not wait for the concert later on tonight!