A New Client

I am doing some new artwork for a new client. I visited my client last week and I can reveal that SHE is working as a true jeweler. I took some pictures of her temporary work space and how she makes some of her beautiful products. I will show the result of my work in the future.

#Gay 2

Remember the Magasin gift certificate I got on my birthday from my brother and his lovely family.. well, that is okay. In a long time I have wanted a new bedcover but find the pricetags a little pricy for the one I like. But with the gift certificate the price “seemed” a little more realistic. So the other day I went to Magasin and bought the motherf.. I think on sunny monday like today the girly color of powder rose is all so sweet and summerish – yeah, I know #gay!

Almost Sunny Saturday

Saturday starts early in the weekends with the girls – also today. After the “morning food” we all agreed to drive to the Secret Playground once again. It is really a nice playground and the girls just LOVE being there.

The Pro Angels

Today my partner in crime Anders Aagaard and me did the last episode of Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace. The mission was easy: pick up table at Katja’s house and drive it to the junk yard for destruction. We started with a visit at the drive-in bakery in Vallensbæk for a x-large latté a bun with cheese and butter PLUS a huge danish pastry called rosenbrød (with chocolate glace on top.) Then we drove to Katja’s house to pick up the table for destruction. Katja’s house was very nice and especially  the cellar stairs was unique with aluminium safety rails – wow! When we arrived at the junk yard we had to pick the right container for destruction. But...

Radio And Rice Pudding

Yesterday I picked up Liva after school and together we drove to Mileparken where I had to do my radio show. Liva was SO sweet getting me hot chocolate every time my cup was empty. I think she had a good time even though the last hour of the show becomes as Liva said: ..it’s a little boring now dad”. Then we drove home and made rice pudding and everything became NOT so boring anymore.