Launch Of Rudolph Sun


IMG_20140325_114114In the beginning I remember taking a selfie was – too me – a very teenage like thing to do. Now with all the apps and tweaks of filters and effects I must admit that the selfie picture is an artform like a portrait.
IMG_20140326_195528Some people take really good and creative selfies and I think as a graphic artist and art director it is absolutely crucial to understand the trends of all kind of expressions. A selfie is a personal statement with power and most important self esteem.
Moldiv_1395853730902I think that the future will show more smartphones with better cameras ONLY to create better selfies. I use the Moldiv-app to build up my selfies. Be creative and do not be afraid to show the world your style and glace attitude or face!

Sort tøj. Lyst sind. Varmt hjerte.

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Launch Of Rudolph Sun