The Croissant

A Car In A Van And A Cake In A Pan

Oh yes! Today my partner Anders Aagaard and me took off to help Sharon in beautiful Karise. The mission was to clean up her Fiat Grande Punto and make it ready to sell. Aaagard and I did an amazing job cleaning the car from A to Z. We also managed to fit the red Fiat Grande Punto INSIDE the Toyota Proace (unfortunately my camera was out of battery so we could not take any photos of our extreme effort.) Sharon made a chokolate banana cake that tasted absolutely wonderful. A day full of happines and sunshine and not to forget Fiona the sweet dog of Sharon and Claus. I am SO looking forward for the next assignment – you can sign up right here!

DSC_1663arriving with style and grace in Karise with the magnificent Toyota Proace

DSC_1662everybody was so happy to meet Aagaard and me especially Fiona

DSC_1660Sharon had made a wonderful chokolate banana cake with a perfect topping decoration writing

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