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The Drill Master

Second edition of the new the feature on my radio show called Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace aired today. I am very pleased and happy about todays result. My partner Anders Aagaard showed a side og him today I did not know he had the skills of a pure Jedi like Drill Master. I have NEVER in my life seen a handyman use TWO drills AT THE SAME TIME!!! Aagaard is pure genius and I must say that without him the shelves would not have been mounted with such precision and perfection.. obviously! Me being the professionel driver of the Toyota Proace is an easy and very comfortable task because the Proace is such a cozy and relaxed ride. I am SO looking forward to the next assignment and remember that YOU can sign up right here to Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace!

DSC_1516looking serious before todays assignment

DSC_1518me being a smartass trying to look like a handyman

DSC_1519the REAL handyman aka Anders Aagaard aka The Drill Master

DSC_1520ssshhh.. Drill Master at work

DSC_1521shelves mounted with perfection

DSC_1522work of a true handyman aka The Drill Master

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