My Name On A Car

I have been working on a feature for my radioshow (Kør hjem med Veltz) where I could come to visit the listeners while doing a good deed. The working title became Win Veltz In A Van. Now the project will premiere on thursday the 27th of february and I am so glad and proud. A huge thanks off course to Toyota Denmark who is the sponsor of the feature. And yesterday to women from Toyota surprised me at work with the brand new car for the project – an all new Toyota Proace WITH the final title for the feature on the side – Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace! If you would like to sign up you can do...

Happy Birthday Little Love

Today my smallest princess Alva have her 2-year birthday. It is incredible that you can be so young and only celebrate your second ever birthday. That is so sweet I think. I tried to wake up the girls slowly but they seemed like two sleeping beauties not wanting to wake-up to reality but just staying in wonderland sleeping the day away. Finally Alva woke up just like a little bird waking up in the nest. She is gonna have a super monday and a wonderful birthday – happy birthday little love! ..are you sure it is my birthday daddy?

Playground Trespassing

What a day with the girls it have been. After the sun came out we went for a drive along Strandvejen and off to Farum to find some awesome playgrounds. We managede to legally break into a SFO-playground that was a true find for all of us. The playground featured some kind og nature-wood-xylophone – how cool is that! When we came home I made some dinner for the girls and me. I have not had the resources to cook in a long while but today the sun had powered up my MasterChef batteries. I really miss the clean-up SWAT team of MasterChef – boy thoose guys did work magic!

I Lost One Of The Girls

Wow! Kids just ruin their parents income by eating and eating and EATING! Yesterday me and the girls was shopping in Waves Shoppingcenter and all of a sudden Alva was hiding in H&M. I am glad that Liva has the ability to track down her baby sister like a dog with Sherlock Holmes like skills otherwise I should have come back with only one child saying: “Well, I kindda lost one of the girls during shopping..” Alva hiding in the H&M store.. thank God Liva is like a tracking dog with Sherlock Holmes like skills phew.. that was a close call – almost lost one of the girls!

I Am Funny 24-7-365

I consider myself a top professional comedian ready to take on the world with a comedy perspective 24-7-365. And so I did today. And I must ad that this is me being a comedian in an extremely funny AND professionel way. Do NOT try this yourself because it is a result of me being a professional comedian for more than 15 years. Here goes.. I visited a Starbucks earlier today (because I wanted a coffee – duh!) and when the girl at Starbucks asked me: “What name shall I call when your coffee is ready sir?” My answer was pure comedy genius.. scroll down and embrace yourself for a comedy explosion! the girl at Starbucks preparing my coffee with my...