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The Chest Of Drawers

I could not have wished for at better premiere for my new radio feature: Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace. My wing man was the truely awesome radio legend Anders Aagaard and the presence of greatness is always inspiring and uplifting. As a handyman team we where to pick up a chest of drawers from a seller in Valensbæk and move it to lucky listener Jane in Hvidovre. It all went nice and easy with LOTS of space and comfort in the Toyota Proace – it is a really nice vehichle and I love the automatic transmission. When we came to deliver the chest at Jane’s place she had baked a cake and it turned out that Jane is a truely stand-up comedy fanatic with her favorite comedians autographs painted on her walls in her office – how about that! If you would like to sign up for a visit from Anders Aaagard, me and the Proace – you can do it right here!

still a little hyped about my name on a car


the chest of drawers was no problem for the Toyota Proace


proof – Jane is a comedy fanatic galore


the autograph of comedy genius Thomas Hartmann


the autograph of comedy-magic-mad-man Rune Klan


me pointing at some no-name radiohost-wannabe-comedian I did not know


the chest without the drawers representing the minimalistic interior design style


the chest of drawers shining bright like a diamond in Jane’s apartment

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