The Clown And The Ladybird

Ohh.. look at theese to sweetie pies! Liva the sweet clown and Alva the smiling ladybird. I hope your kids had a wonderful carnival friday – mine did!

Last Day Of February 2014

When I was done at the radio last night I went to DR to do the audience warm-up for the LIVE tv show Debatten. When I was finished I took some pictures around DR again. I think it is an amazing building with some extraordinary environments. I am looking SO much forward to see the girls later today and hear about their carnival party. Sunday I am going to make a little birthday party for Alva.  Also I reveal my extremely nutritious breakfast just so you can see that not everybody is all about shakes, fitness and diets. Have a great friday! some coke a bun and a cup of coffee

The Chest Of Drawers

I could not have wished for at better premiere for my new radio feature: Win Veltz In A Toyota Proace. My wing man was the truely awesome radio legend Anders Aagaard and the presence of greatness is always inspiring and uplifting. As a handyman team we where to pick up a chest of drawers from a seller in Valensbæk and move it to lucky listener Jane in Hvidovre. It all went nice and easy with LOTS of space and comfort in the Toyota Proace – it is a really nice vehichle and I love the automatic transmission. When we came to deliver the chest at Jane’s place she had baked a cake and it turned out that Jane is a...

That Is SO Me

Yesterday I got a link from my friend typing – this is SO you! I opended the link and must admit – yes, that is SO me – or an actor. Love the pictures and style.

Pink Is The New Black

Today I was out looking at fashion shops in Copenhagen. I do not know why but I ended up in the Stella McCartney store. I was blown away by this carnival suit all in pink and with fake diamonds and pearls. Maybe I will quit the all black image and become the pink Darth Vader instead?