Fashionblog Awards 2014

Me and Anne-Mette arriving at the Fashionblog Awards 2014 Well I must be totally honest and say that me and my blog-partner-in-crime Anne-Mette came a little late to the award show because we were at a nearby winebar were the time kindda flew by. Anyway, when we arrived, the show had already startet and we saw the host Emil Thorup doing af great job presenting the nominees and winners. The crowd was a little.. how can I put it.. calm or not loud – let’s put it that way and the show seemed to fly by faster than a speeding bullet. Al of a sudden Christopher came out to present an award and give a preformance – which he did...

Mission Accomplished: I Kissed Joel Lambert

Joel signing an axe – how cool is that! Wow, did I really do that? Ohh yes I did. But I cold not have done it without the help and support from my back-up plan Miss Sander. Joel Lambert is a really REALLY cool dude with whom I would never feel unsafe around. I am looking so much forward to see the first episode of “Manhunt” sunday the 2nd @21’o’clock on Discovery Channel. I gotta invite some friends so I can point at the tv-screen and yell I KISSED THAT GUY! Me and Joel “having fun”  Miss Sander and Joel “having fun” or actually having fun

What Have I Become..

Today marks a new start in my life as a man. I will attend the annual Fashionblog Awards with my fashion partner in crime Anne-Mette Høyer. I have NEVER been to an event like this and I hope that I will retain my masculinity. I will try to take as many pictures as possible so you can feel like a fly on the wall or even a parrot on my shoulder. Because I am a comedian and have a I-don’t-give-a-fcuk-attitude I will wear my German Garment t-shirt with the rather subtile statement NOBODY READS YOUR FUCKING BLOG. Make sure to check out my blog tomorrow for details and pictures!

Manhunt + Kiss trap = Mission Impossible?

Tuesday is action packed so I will post some of what is going to happen now. My radioshow will have the extreme honor in welcoming the star of the Discovery Channel program “Manhunt” Mr. Joel Lambert himself. Joel is a former Navy SEAL and a true bad ass mofo. He is the real deal and nothing I have ever interviewed before. I will present Joel with open arms to the show but I must be totally honest I am a bit nervous about presenting him for my latest feature the “Kys eller Møs” that actually is a kiss trap where I get to kiss my guests either on the cheek or the lips. Until now I have only had male...

Freezing My Butt Off!

This morning after delivering my two girls in school and kindergarden/nursery I really wanted to have a cozy moment with myself. I stopped by Riccos to get the all time favorite latté doubleshot with milk (no not the low fat one.) I was freezing my butt off so I kept my jacket and beanie on. I also got a breadpiece with cheese (no not the low fat one.) But after I finished my bread and coffee I STILL was freezing my butt off! So I came up with a genius plan.. I think the pictures will give you a hint.. .. and FINALLY my body temperature became plus 37 °C