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Friday At Last – Hangin’ With My Girls!

What a week this has been! I must say that writing the blog is much more demanding than I thought it would be. Not only the hole writing in english instead of danish thing but also the hasle of taking pictures with my phone transfering them to my Mac could be more smooth – perhaps I can figure something out for the future – I hope, I must, I will!

Anyway, I really thought that the radio I have been producing this week have been good. I am proud of my show and think that the listeners is getting to know me more also because of the blog and therefore are coming back to listen because of me being honest with my life. Here are some pictures of me and my loved ones I am SO looking forward being with theese beauties the hole weekend take care dear reader.

dad this food is.. how can I describe it..


dad talk to the hand for a little while

girls are so much more relaxed being around than boys

what I do on a friday.. being the human chair

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