Oh Lord.. Veronica Maggio

Veronica Maggio In Concert

Veronica Maggio Live at VEGA in Copenhagen

I just came home from an absolutely wonderful concert in VEGA with Veronica Maggio. I had a blast and so did Karsten. Actually Karsten had a smile on his face during the hole show.. perhaps he was thinking of Veronica using his Metallica t-shirt as her bedtime t-shirt. To sum it all up in short Veronica Maggio rules! BIGTIME! Now I will try to clean of my ACE of FACE eyeliner and go to bed. Tomorrow will be just as action packed as today..

The crowd was nothing but fantastic!

Great light settings makes a big difference

How cool is that!

Veronica on fire..

.. and the crowd loves it!

Veronica you just got yourself a new fan!


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Oh Lord.. Veronica Maggio