Veronica Maggio Visits Me!

Oh Lord.. Veronica Maggio

So today was the big day where Veronica Maggio would come to my show. Me and Karsten from the morningshow began to prepare in different ways. Karsten was wrapping in a gift box for Veronica where I just would try out the AMAZING eyeliner from ACE of FACE that I got in my goodiebag the other day attending the Fashion Blog Awards.

Karsten preparing his gift for Veronica

The content of the giftbox from Karsten to Veronica

Me trying out the AMAZING ACE of FACE eyeliner

Veronica came sharp and was very professional sweet and very charming. With her was her guitarplayer Claus who also was very cool. We talked about a lot of different things and I found out that Veronica besides having a voice like an angel also can bowl – how cool is that! I could see why Karsten has an official crush on the little songbirg from Sweden, Stockholm.
Veronica and Claus played an accoustic version of “Dallas” that sounded absolutely amazing and I can not wait to hear the song tonight again at the concert with all the lights and magic.

Veronica with her present from Karsten

Now I will look forward to the concert tonight and hook up with Karsten and share a beer and show him the picture of me kissing Veronica on the cheek.

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Veronica Maggio Visits Me!