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The Last Conspiracy

On my Instagram and Facebook account I posted a picture of some shoes with a very laid back attitude. But the shoes has a story. I saw the shoes when I was in Aarhus recently in the Støy Munkholm store that I always visit. The store presents some very nice labels and designs. The shoes on the picture is from The Last Conspiracy and I tried out both the black and the white pair. I was pretty kean on buying the black ones even though the white ones was much more in-your-face-Kanye-West-style but they also looked a little like a big pair of leather socks. But I was really close to buying the white ones when the salesguy told me that one of the guys from this duo bought the white ones but came back and changed it to the black ones because he thought that the white ones was a little over the top! For me it would be the perfect arguement for bying the white ones – imagine wearing something that is TOO HOT for the guys in that duo… wow, that would be a great story! By the way I did not buy the white ones I think the pricetag was a little TOO HOT!

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Have You Posted Your OOTD?